Looking for Defense Counsel in Michigan

I’m looking for defense counsel in Michigan, ideally — but not necessarily — to work on a pro bono basis.  The case involves a small food stamp fraud, and the defendant is the “little brother” (as in Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America) of a very good friend.  I have met the “little brother” (who is married with children and now in his 30’s) several times, and he’s a great person.  There’s no issue about guilt, which has already been acknowledged in a statement given to the police.  However, the defendant has an incredibly compelling personal story that is not being conveyed to the prosecutors by current counsel (who are giving no attention to the matter and are entirely unresponsive).  As a result, the prosecutor is insisting on a felony, and current defense counsel appears to have done nothing like making a presentation, appealing up the chain, etc.  I’m hoping to find someone who, with minimal time, can convince the prosecutors to exercise their discretion (and simple common sense) and seek to resolve the matter on better terms.  This case is almost certainly not going to trial (although there is a trial date in late August so not a ton of time left).  If you can help, or can refer me to someone who possibly can, please contact me as soon as you can at steven.heineman@gmail.com or 914-450-4374.

Thanks very much!